• Earthastic Reusable Food Wraps

    Earthastic Reusable Food wraps are a great alternative to single-use plastic, zip-lock bags, sandwich bags and traditional cling wrap. And the best part? They will last you up to 1 year long!

    Produced in Australia’s beautiful Hunter Valley with 100% natural ingredients and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Earthastic Food wraps are an environment-friendly way to wrap, cover, store and carry food.

    Earthastic Food wraps are breathable, which means they mimic the natural properties of food skins and peels – keeping your food fresher, crispier and tastier for longer!

    Wrap & Store

    Cut fruits and vegetables (our favourites – apple, avocado, tomato, lime & lemon, pumpkin, cabbage, celery)


    Salad bowls, leftovers, plates


    Into pouches for sandwiches, carrots, berries, crackers and more

    Set of 3 wraps (Each set contains assorted designs)

    Small – 17 x 17cm Medium – 30 x 25cm Large – 34 x 34cm
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