• Eagle Cork Mat

    The Eagle mat is made of 100% natural cork from Portugal. Why would our Eagle give you a better experience?

    COMFORT COMES FIRST: enjoy the soft touch, natural feel & smell of pure Portuguese cork, the light weight and the ease of cleaning & maintenance. BETTER GRIP THE MORE YOU SWEAT: cork offers something unique: when it comes into contact with moisture, the grip increases. In other words, the more you sweat, the better the grip! Therefore, this is an ideal mat for active exercises, like hot yoga, ashtanga, hatha yoga. FUN FOR A LIFETIME: our packaging is unique, perfect as a gift and as storage for your mat at home. Moreover, if you recycle corks in our packaging, you can win a trip to Portugal yourselves!

    Recommended for experienced yogi, for all types of yoga, from yin yoga to ashtanga to bikram. Still, the advantages of cork are particularly shown when doing dynamic yoga, because of the increased grip experience when sweating.

    183cm x 65cm x 0.4cm

    Weight: 0,7 kg

    999,00 SEK

    Eagle Cork Mat

    999,00 SEK
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