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  • The Yogurt Lovers

    The Yogurt Lovers is a luxury mix of yoghurt-coated natural sweets. They are made from premium cashews, almonds, cranberries and sweet raspberry licorice covered with creamy chocolate with Greek vanilla yogurt flavor.

    2x Greek Yogurt Cranberries 2x Addictive Yogurt Almonds 2x Luscious Raspberry Liquorice 2x Yogurt-Covered Cashew
    589,00 SEK
  • Not Afraid to Show Some Skin (Skin-on Cashews Bundle)

    These cashew nuts with skins come from a small village in Bali, right under a volcano, where thousands of cashew trees carry these extra nutritious nuts. They are carefully picked and peeled to preserve their natural skin, which contains more fiber and antioxidants. Dry roasting makes them extra crunchy.

    4x Skin-on Cashews Tropical Cacao

    4x Skin-on Cashews Roasted + Salted

    4x Skin-on Cashews Garlic + Pepper

    Cashew nuts with skin in 3 wonderful flavors. This Is Nuts Skin-on Cashews has 10% fewer calories, 4.5 times more fiber and 10 times more polyphenols (powerful antioxidants). Extra good, extra crunchy & extra nutritious.
    379,00 SEK
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