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  • Whitewater Oversized T-Shirt

    Sleeping on our Whitewater Oversized T-Shirt is like heaven. It’s versatile and perfect for a day in or out. Our Whitewater Oversized T-shirt is vegan and allergy-free. The certified seaweed fabric releases a soft hydration on skin even after washing it several times.

  • Seabreeze Night Gown

    Our gorgeous Sea Breeze Night Gown is perfect for lounging and very long breakfasts. It comes with pockets and an adjustable belt. The Sea Breeze Night Gown can be styled with our Coral Reef Dress. The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences, which we are exposed to in our daily lives. 

  • Joao-de-Barro Organic Dress

    Our Joao-de-Barro Organic Dress is based on ballerina skirts used during training. It was crafted for people who want to make the most of weekends relaxing in bed. The unique latte colour isn’t dye but the natural and real colour of a type of cotton from Paraiba in Brazil. The more you wash this dress the tanner it becomes so you can sleep beautifully and wake boldly.

  • Seawater Sustainable T-shirt and Shorts Unisex

    The Seawater T-shirt and Shorts are unisex and made with sustainable seaweed. The comfortable Seaweed Shorts come with pockets and the Seawater T-shirt is fresh and seamless. This smart and really unique seaweed fabric releases a soft hydration on skin.

  • Wave Dress

    The stylish Wave Dress is versatile and soft – absolutely perfect for long periods of relaxation and sleep. The naked back ensures freshness and comfort during warm nights and days. The versatile belt can be styled to front or back. The fabric releases a soft hydration on skin due to the seaweed properties.


    Wave Dress

  • Deep Ocean Dress

    Our beautiful sustainable Deep Ocean Dress have an adjustable belt to make you look stunning and comfortable. It’s can be worn indoors for sleeping, lounging and on great long naps. The seaweed fabric increases the natural moisture level of the skin and enables an active exchange between the fibre and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of wellbeing.

  • Coral Reef Dresses

    Our Coral Reef Dresses were crafted in Italy and come in 3 colour options. The adjustable strings create an extra support for the soft internal bra our Coral Reef Dresses come with. All our garments are seam-free, vegan, sustainable and allergy-free. Our Coral Reef Dresses are part of our new collection called Ocean – we have created a smart fabric with seaweed from Iceland (SeacellTM/OEKO-TEX Micromodal) and weaved in Germany. This unique fabric releases a soft hydration on skin.

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