Time to love yourself – read all about it in our Valentine’s self-care guide! Happy Valentine darlings!

We’re closing in on that time of the year, the season that comes right after Christmas and the singles feel even more lonely whilst the couples fall deeper in love. But when do we fall in love with ourselves? This is our prompt to you, to fall deeper in love with yourself.

Now that’s easier said than done, right? And on top of that, we want to stay sustainable whilst doing it so. Because Green Little Heart is here to make your life easier, inspire you to live a happier and more sustainable life and come with the solutions, look no further, the Valentine's self care guide is here!

Step one: Set the tone for your self love valentines day

Take out your favourite candles (like this one from Rosenserien based on organic, swedish rapeseed oil, or this one that’s handmade in London based on soy wax and essential oils) and place them in your bathroom to have on while you either take a long shower or bath.

Step two: Take a cleansing shower to wash off all your negative energy and start fresh 

There’s nothing as cleansing as a shower to wash off your stressful day, and all the negative energy you might have built up. So let’s take advantage of the healing power of water and enjoy a long, warm shower or bath. Because every now and then we deserve to splurge. Make the shower/bath more sustainable by using organic and clean products, such as this shampoo bar from Lamazuna, this olive soap bar, follow up with this Vegan coffee scrub from upcycled coffee grounds and feel refreshed with your baby soft skin, knowing that you haven’t used any harsh chemicals that’s harming you or the planet. 

Step three: Affirmations

Look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me “I am a goddess, I am worthy of love, I am fulfilled, I am right where I need to be, Universe has my back” 

Step four: Facemasks and brew a nice cup of tea 

After the cleansing shower and the affirmations, it’s time to pamper your body even more. Starting with an energizing, clean and organic face mask like this organic mask. Now moving on to your body, a calming body butter is never a bad idea and we love this on. Now put on your favourite robe and head over to the kitchen, brew a nice cup of organic tea and relax whilst the facemask is doing its job. 

Step five: Journal on self love 

How do you show yourself love? What makes you feel good? Write down a list of 10 things that makes you happy. It can be small things like a nice cup of tea, meditating, taking a walk in nature or bigger things like traveling, going to the spa etc. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, the key thing is that it brings you joy and it is something you can do alone. So that whenever you feel the lack of self love, you look at your list and choose one thing to do straight away. To give you some inspiration, mine has: dancing to good music, walking in nature/near the water, feeling the sunshine, meditating, calling someone I love, taking a shower and a couple of more secret ones. 

Happy Self Love Valentines Day! 

Madeleine Andersson, Conscious marketing expert & female hormone balance nerd

After studying and working in London, Madeleine now runs the marketing studio: studio DAISY that focuses on sustainable brands and their digital representation. She’s also super interested in female hormone health and is in the beginning phases of starting a new brand, svaan.co.

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