Why Conscious Consumerism is a Women’s Priority

Welcome to an After Work with Green Little Heart and partners focusing on Female Health and wellbeing

Why Conscious Consumerism is a Womens Priority from a Nutritionists Perspective

Have you experienced undesirable hormonal fluctuations, sudden digestive issues, or broader female health experiences? Are you new to the all natural, organic and sustainable landscape and interested to learn more? Or, are you an avid conscious consumer interested to broaden your knowledge behind why these choices may support your individual wellbeing goals?

Join us as we take a deep dive into consumerism in support of female wellbeing, help you understand the science and most importantly discover the most beneficial consumer choices you can make for you and your household.

Experts: Kate Nordin, Female Health Expert Nutritionist & Jen Reynoldson, Female Health Editor

Formalities: an open discussion with Female Health Expert Nutritionist Kate Nordin will commence at 17:00pm with opportunity for organic, natural and sustainable shopping to follow. Top Recommended Consumer Shifts from a Nutritionists Perspective

Green Little Heart will serve green, crispy and organic bubbels with some bites to snack on. The Engagment center & Store is full of intersting sustainable brands to explore and engage with. 

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