The Hype Behind KAP Kundalini

KAP Kundalini is rapidly gaining ranks across the Nordic nations with alternative modalities in support of well-being encapsulating those drawn to human experience optimization.

KAP Kundalini is rapidly gaining ranks across the Nordic nations with alternative modalities in support of wellbeing encapsulating those drawn to human experience optimisation.  

The population’s interest in reconnecting to self, honouring their truth and empowering their raw authentic being has soared to new heights and science suggests these lifestyle shifts could be precisely what the western world needs to counteract much of the disarray caused by today’s lifestyle and surrounding world. 

Kundalini, one of the more popular yoga forms, has been indulged and celebrated for years for its stress reducing, calming and muscle strengthening abilities. KAP Kundalini is a generally new revolution in the western world described as an internal energy transmission evoking an awakening in the body. A KAP Kundalini master leads the energetic shift, identifying and releasing a block within to help the surrenderer (participant) clear energetic burdens and truly embody their whole heartedness, otherwise referred as their highest self or authentic being.

KAP Kundalini masters believe we as humans hold energies within, particularly those of traumatic or dense experiences, which withhold us from showing up in the world as our desired peaceful and egoless self. While the modes vary the concept remains in the realm of notions of neurological and spiritual leader Dr. Joe Dispenza who touts the combination of quantum physics and neuroscience to help the community achieve their greatest destiny by ridding debilitating beliefs stemmed by lived or perceived past experiences. Like many wellbeing practices, the two combined have been applauded for pivotal growth and expansion for those looking to go beyond the atypical realm of western wellbeing.

Kap Kundalini participants are known to experience instant feelings of lightness, relief and deep connection to self beyond their regular state of being. The practice is said to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) production which can help support the mind, body and soul in a magnitude of ways.

Western science has connected traditional Kundalini practices to improvements in cognitive function, perceived stress reduction, somatic symptom reduction in general anxiety disorders and significant anxiety reduction in women experiencing infertility. As KAP Kundalini is defined as a more intensive, focused practice it could implore greater benefits however masters advise it can also be a deeply emotional experience for some due to its emotional shedding and awakening purposes. It’s always recommended to research KAP Masters, studios and their processes as well as ensuring you yourself are in an appropriate state of mind before participating.

While Nordic nations are known to embrace ancient practices and rituals more so than their western counterparts, Sweden specifically appears to be propelling the rebirth of KAP Kundalini within our everyday wellbeing regime as more studios and alternative experts gain traction in our communities. In Stockholm Ayäm has become known as the go-to for those interested in living and honouring their divine feminine essence and authentic being with regular weekly KAP Kundalini classes from accredited masters guiding the journey back to Self.

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