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What’s a raw cacao ceremony?

Ancient wisdom and ancestral remedies are becoming commonplace in our urban world and raw cacao ceremonies are showing a similar trajectory to the matcha revolution if social media is anything to go by. Here’s our breakdown on the Mayan and Aztec tradition and how cacao might just be mother nature’s greatest superfood created.

Recently, raw cacao ceremonies have become a common practice within the holistic healing community. With claims to open the heart space, heal past traumas and reconnect to your authentic self we’re left wondering have we been eating chocolate wrong all along?

Cacao has been celebrated for its mood boosting effects for years, with claims its a natural aphrodisiac given it embodies two chemicals; tryptophan, a contributor to serotonin production, and phenylethylamine, a stimulant released when we fall in love. Though, efficacy of chocolate as an aphrodisiac is scientifically unlikely given much of the cacao we find on the market hosts a minor composition of these attractive chemicals due to the intensive processing endured. So how do raw cacao ceremonies reap the psychological and spiritual benefits anecdotally claimed?

According to sources the raw cacao used as part of a healing ceremony and a journey back to self remains in its purest possible form, vastly differentiating it from your standard chocolate or cacao powder go-to. When cacao is in its original form (a bean from a cacao tree) they are a nutrient dense powerhouse with the ability to contribute towards a life of vitality when consumed in the right doses and form.

Raw cacao is naturally high in calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and antioxidants, and has been touted for its female health benefits in reducing menstrual cramps and perceived stress. With this in mind, paired with the understanding raw cacao in its purest form hosts a significantly higher nutritional composition, the anecdotal evidence starts to make a lot sense.

Pure, raw cacao is typically cold, stone-pressed, certified organic and remains at 99% of its original composition. Its taste vastly differentiates from what most are used to, with a bitter, earthy flavour and little-to-zero sweetness. 

With signs to suggest pure raw cacao could help produce serotonin (happy hormone), dopamine (love hormone), act as an aphrodisiac and be the vibrational vessel in your spiritual journey towards healing past wounds and reconnecting to your authentic self, it’s no wonder the amazonian practice has gone viral. Here’s how to host your own cacao ceremony in the comfort of your home:

Make a Ceremonial Cacao 

  1. Find a high quality, pure, raw ceremonial cacao brand you can trust. Remember to be classed as pure it must meet the 99% cacao threshold, be traditionally stone-pressed and certified organic. We also recommend brands that are fair trade certified ensuring the farmers and workers are receiving a fair wage and working conditions.
  2. To make your cacao follow the instructions from your pure, raw ceremonial cacao provider.
  3. Choose a calm, tranquil, uninterrupted space for you to host your ceremony. We recommend dim lighting, candles, cosy clothes and a blanket.
  4. Hold your cacao up to your heart, close your eyes and breathe in the healing scent of the nutrient rich elixir. Once you are grounded and calm, ask your guides (or the cacao) to shepherd you to your healing space.
  5. Sip slowly, reminding yourself of the nutrient potency and its benefits, remaining focused on your intention and healing purpose of the amazonian ritual.
  6. Once you have finished your ceremonial cacao, sit with your intentions, incoming thoughts, and release any undesirable emotions which arise.
  7. Journal your experience as the final marker and release any thoughts or memories which don’t align with your highest, authentic being. Take a slow, deep breath and say thanks to celebrate and close the ceremony. 

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