Embrace Your Healing Power

We’ve all heard the bountiful benefits yoga can accumulate in your life; reduced stress, increased energy, mood, libido, focus, decisiveness, immunity, muscle, flexibility, longevity and more

But when you meet a woman who exuberates the essence of love, lightness, ease and magnetism like Jennie Liljefors you stop and listen when she tells you yoga was the key to freeing herself from post-trauma captivity.

It must be prefaced that in this instance, trauma is and was a very violently crippling and painful event. However, trauma presents in many different forms and is varsely variable per individual. In fact, in this day and age, many of us are faced with varying levels of trauma each and every day, from emotional manipulation in relationships with friends, family, colleagues, partners, to intensive work pressures and environments, and of course experiences of unwellness including infertility.

Jennie, a woman who has experienced deep tragedy in her life, is an enlightening example that no matter our own individual trauma, pain or hardship, we can overcome, heal and bloom. She shares how her early adolescent experience of a violent sexual assault left her violated, isolated, disconnected and lost. Like many, Jennie kept her trauma to herself for years and its implication came out in many ways – an inability to connect deeply with loved ones, a lack of trust and security in romantic relationships, among other things.

Healing Yoga The Healing Power by Jennie Liljfors tells Jennie’s story of empowerment, of self-resurrection, of authentic salvation. She shares how yoga helped untie the knots, to release stagnant energy in her throat, heart and sacral chakra, to help her come back to her whole authentic being.

While Jennie’s first healing yoga moment was centered around recovering from traumatic violence which some of us are privileged to have never lived, her newfound practice would help her through many common, difficult events so many women are faced with today. Jennie’s yoga philosophy rooted in the Anusara practice, helped her through periods of infertility, a distressing birth and the loss of her beloved father.

Jennie, a modern-day healer, has committed her life to helping other females with similar experiences overcome their pain and enter a new realm of wholeness, happiness, abundance and calm. Following the success of three yoga studios, first in Italy and now in Stockholm, Sweden, Jennie has released two books in hopes of empowering more people with her unique wisdom and healing yoga practice globally.

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